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Terraces Gazebo
"Thank you for keeping the Terraces a terrific place to live!" - J.A. 

"Just wanted to thank you and everyone else for all the nice touches to the building recently. Super cool new locks for every apartment. Bright hall lighting. Facelift on the mailboxes. Thank you for keeping the Terraces a terrific place to live!!!" - J.A., February 2023

The Terraces Apartments
"Maintenance is always wonderful..." - A.P.

"I have lived here almost 4 years and the maintenance is always wonderful." - A.P.,  January  2023

Flo-Mar Apartments

"great experience so far very clean and maintenance is so quick and helpful" - P.P.  June 2023

Bright Kitchen with New Appliances.jpg
"We loved being residents here" - P.C.

"Thank you for having us in the apartment we called home for three years. Please thank maintenance for their quick responses to our needs. We loved being residents here with you at Flo-Mar. Thank you" - P.C. & S.T.  October 2023

Perrin Street Apartments

My wife and I rented an apartment at Flo-Mar's Perrin St apartments for a year until we could buy a house in the area. The apartment was very nice and considerably more affordable than similar apartments in the area. Management was always super helpful and friendly. Whenever we needed maintenance, they always came to fix our problems in less than 24 hours.

I've lived at other apartment complexes owned by large corporate entities who view their tenants as nothing more than a rent check, but this never seemed to be the case with Flo-Mar. They are locally owned and operated, and they ALWAYS tried to help and ALWAYS treated us with respect.

My only real complaint with these apartments is that the air conditioning units need to be modernized. They come equipped only with old wall units. The wall unit did a fine job of cooling the apartment, but it is a huge pain to turn on and off as the knobs are close to the ceiling. They do not have a thermostat and use a very uncommon 240V plug, so they are impossible to fully automate (there are no smart plugs on the market for this type of outlet). The best you can do is buy an outlet timer made for hydroponic systems (they sell them at the local weed growing stores). This is an improvement, but it still easily gets either too cold or too hot without thermostat automation.

All-in-all the Perrin Street apartments are an excellent place to live and probably the best value for a 1BR apartment in Ypsi. Flo-Mar is a great company that actually cares about their residents and is constantly maintaining and improving their properties. I've been very impressed with their management and staff, who are very friendly and helpful. It is also worth mentioning that these apartments are very quiet - noise was never really an issue for us like it has been at other complexes." - N. E. 2021

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