Apartment Search Tips




What is the reputation of the landlord or management company? How long have they been

in business? You can ask current tenants, or call the building department at (734) 482-1025.

Does the landlord rent to just anybody, or are tenants screened so that you won’t live next to

obnoxious neighbors?




How responsive is the management? You are going to be spending most of your time here.

Will it be pleasant? Does your landlord respond well to complaints and maintenance requests, or

will you have to spend time hassling them to get things done?


Exterior Property Maintenance


How is the exterior of the apartment maintained? Pay attention to details. Is it well-kept?

Are the grounds kept clean and bushes trimmed? This is not only for looks, but also for safety.

Of course, not everything can be perfect, but does it appear in good order? Does it look like the

landlord takes pride in the building?


Interior Property Maintenance


How does the interior of the apartment look? Is the kitchen and bath updated? Does it have

newer appliances (dishwasher, garbage disposal, etc.)? Ask to see the basement, the furnace and

the hot water tanks. Has the unit been upgraded in general, or is it something that the landlord

has cobbled together to save money? For example, are the windows thermal, or are they old or





Is the apartment or house safe? Is the exterior well lit at night? Does the unit have a private

entrance? If there are common areas, are there places for hidden surprises?


Size and Apartment Configuration


Do you have enough space? Look for storage space such as additional or larger closets or

basement storage lockers.




What about utilities? Is there good water pressure? Do you control your own heat? Is the

electrical system or wiring outdated or old? Look for fuses (old wiring) or circuit breakers and

the number of circuits. The more, the better. This is not only for safety, but also to prevent blown

electrical outlets. Is the internet provided? Do you have your own hot water tank, or can you live

with a cold shower? Are there laundry facilities available?  How well-insulated is the building?

The landlord can tell you about the cost of utilities from the previous year. Keep in mind that even

if a building is well-insulated, much depends on the previous tenant and how they control their

heat. For example, did the tenant keep the temperature

unusually high, or did they use a programmable thermostat?



At Flo-Mar, we want you to be comfortable and happy. We take great pride in our properties. We

realize that you can always find something cheaper. However, for the little extra you might pay here,

you’ll get your money’s worth -- quality, service and peace of mind. When you do the math, and

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